3rd in the 5 Detours of Every Overwhelmed Woman

The 3rd detour in the 5 detours of every overwhelmed woman is:

Dressing for Frumpsville

What happens to our sense of self-care and personal style as we get older? We gain weight, pull on sweats and putter around in flip flops. We spend all our money on the kids and put everyone else’s needs ahead of our own. No wonder we’re exhausted.

I went to a jewelry party last night with 16 other women. The presenter looked beautiful in jeans, blingy sandals and a pink T-shirt. She’d added jewelry to her ensemble and just those simple elements made her look like she was going to the Oscars.

I realized how flat and dull my ‘jewelry wardrobe’ had become. It has two elements. Earrings and my wedding ring. Ta-da. I’m done.

I’m at least 50 pounds overweight, tho’ I must say I carry it well.

My hairdo hasn’t changed in 15 years. Guess it’s time.

My nails looked nice.

Here I am writing about Dressing for Frumpsville and I realize I’m living in it. Guess it’s time to spend a bit more time on getting back my stylish self.

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