How Much Time Should Your Work-At-Home Venture Take?

As much as it takes. That’s it. And absolutely no more than that.
Working long or putting in time isn’t noble. It’s stupid.

When I started my consulting business, I struggled with this issue all the time. How come it was only taking me a few hours a week (less than 10) to do my work and my income was 3 times higher. It didn’t compute with my soul. I felt guilty.

I couldn’t share the information with friends of business colleagues because I felt so guilty. How could it be this easy and this fun and still be profitable?

My Puritan work ethic was trying to trick me. It kept telling me I was slacking…what I was really doing was working smart. Don’t put in time because you think you should. Put in only the time necessary and no more. Then go make grilled cheese for the kids.

Bon appetit!


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