The Greatest Gift of my Big Debt Mess

While Dennis and I were untangling from our big debt mess, a funny thing happened. I started to write harder, deep from my soul. I wrote on napkins, church bulletins and tiny pieces of scrap paper. I wrote in notebooks and on the Jiffy Lube folder. I wrote late at night and while I was stopped in traffic.

I couldn’t stop writing. Still can’t. It’s like God switched on the machine and it’s perpetually printing out good stuff. I like what I write. It’s a collection for women of over 650 unique creations called Encouragement To Go. Most women I know are challenged by time, so it’s heart and soul-talk you can send in a card or read on a magnet on your refrigerator or use as a screen-saver. Some of my writing is lighthearted, most is pretty deep.

The collection isn’t ready yet, namely that I have to get a certain amount of capital or an investor first to debut it at the New York Stationery Show. I can’t promise when that will be.

The gift of opening my soul was my biggest blessing. Putting my heart out there when I was hurting. So perhaps this big debt mess hasn’t been for naught…perhaps it was exactly what I needed to give birth to this next chapter of my life.

We’ll see.


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