It’s Okay To Cry

I can’t tell you how many rivers of tears I cried during our debt crisis. The thing is, no one ever saw me cry except my husband Dennis and one or two of my closest friends. I cried in the bathtub, I cried at movies, I cried in church (sobbed once), I cried at the photographer’s studio for my daughter’s wedding and I cried alone in my car.

One time I cried so hard, so wounded, so painfully that Dennis thought he was going to have to to take me to the hospital. I couldn’t breathe. I couldn’t talk. All I could do was cry. He walked me from the car to the house and laid me down, got a wet cloth for my face and just sat brushing my hair back. It hurt so much.

Debt hurts. It’s okay to cry. Tears are medicine for the soul. Let them flow.


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