It Doesn’t Need To Take 8 Hours

Working at home is a delicate balance. It requires organization. It requires discipline. It requires a sense of humor, like the time I had a big proposal due, was 9 months pregnant and had two toddlers who were sick and straddling each of my legs as I typed.

Good solid work doesn’t have to take 8 hours.

Richard Branson, founder of the Virgin Group of over 400 companies including Virgin Airlines and Virgin Records, says that most people should be able to do their work in 1.5 hours per day of focused effort. Branson is estimated by Forbes 2010 List of Billionaires to be worth $4 billion.

If a billionaire can do his work in an 1.5 a day, shouldn’t we be able to?

We have this puritan work ethic mentality that if we are to succeed, it has to be hard. Not true. The more relaxed you are, the easier things come.

Are you hiding behind your 8 hours of work?

Age-old philosophers believe that the hardest work a man or woman can ever do is to be still with their own soul. Activity does not equal success. Eight or twelve or sixteen hours does not equal success.

Peace and contentment equals success. How much of that precious commodity do you have?


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