The 5 Detours of Every Overwhelmed Woman

Today is Day 1 in the 5 detours of every overwhelmed woman.

Every woman I know is guilty of doing too much. We create the fast pace of life that we repeatedly say that we hate…and we do it almost every day.

Are you guilty of taking Detour #1:

Being trapped in Miniutiaville:

Unlike Margaritaville, Minutiaville is a place we incessantly let all the small details of life (things like hanging a picture, gassing up the car, picking up the kitchen or matching all the missing socks) overwhelm us. I know a woman who has such a beutiful spirit for nurturing older people, but she spends the majority of her life making lists, a virtual waste of her great ‘people’ gift.

My minutiaville exists in my head with what I like to call my ‘high octane’ brain. I obsess instead of do and it’s still called minutiaville.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s detour…there are curves ahead!

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