3-Sure Fire Ways to Warm Up Any Room

As we prepare to snuggle in for fireplace and autumn weather, there are 3 sure-fire ways to warm-up any room that won’t cause you to dip into the Christmas budget.

Warm-up #1: Paint. The biggest thing bugging me about my new apartment is the white walls. I have one “decorative” wall that the apartment allows and it’s painted taupe. I’m a color girl. I paint the walls, the ceilings and the furniture. Quit being scared. It’s only a bucket of paint. And don’t obsess about the color either. You can change it if you pick the wrong one. This is an opportunity for you to be daring. And don’t just paint the walls, paint the ceiling too.

Christopher Lowell (see www.ChristopherLowell.com) is the first designer who told me to paint the ceilings. Before that, I thought there was an unwritten law that all ceilings had to remain white. (Just like it’s a federal loaw that you can’t remove the tag from your mattress.)

A good rule of thumb for the ceiling color is to go two shades lighter than the paint color you choose for the walls. That way you’re in the same color family. Simply get the paint chip panel (that usually displays 5 colors) and choose the one that’s two shades up from your original wall color.

Warm-up #2: Layering. Candice Olson (divinedesign.tv) is the absolute best designer I’ve ever seen with this technique. Her rooms are phenomenal and it’s because she creates dimension in every aspect of a room’s design. From the accessories to the window treatments, every single thing she does has a layer to it.

What does this entail? Thought. It’s not about piling things up together. It’s about thoughtfulloy adding items that complement a piece or an area of a room. It’s about adding a quilt to the end of a bed, a rug underneath the kitchen table, a blackboard to the kitchen where personalized messages are written.

Warm-up #3: Family photos. Almost every single room in my house (except the kitchen) is sprinkled with family photos. I have a large 16″ x 20″ of my family on the beach in my entry hall, a dirt-bike photo and Army Combat Diver pinning ceremony in my son’s bedroom, my daughter’s 24″ x 36″ wedding photo in my bedroom that I wake up to every morning and my 3 kids’ eclectic train station photos in the laundry. Sounds like a mish-mash. It’s not.

My life is about my family. Makes sense I would use their images as art.
Gotta go! I’m off to buy pumpkins.

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