You Tube: How To Get Your Piece of a Growing Phenomenon

You Tube. I Phones. Google. The words alone mean nothing. The words together create a virtual money machine for Moms. If you doubt my wisdom, simply visit this link and watch how Moms, creators, and yes, even farting babies are making money with video.

I was amazed. A young woman named Michelle Phan shows millions of women how to apply make up or turn themselves into Lady Gaga. She went from being a struggling student who loved make-up to being interviewed for Forbes magazine. A middle-aged+ housewife shows homemakers how to cook simple recipes and gets paid. No production crew other than her husband holding the $119 video camera. An overweight body builder deadlifts 765 lbs. and 5 million+ people watch.

You Tube is here to stay. Who knows what drives us? Are we logical people or emotional boobs who want the easy way out. You Tube stats shows me we’re more on the emotional boob side. We want shortcuts. We want funny. We want the easy way more than we want the hard way. But we DO want to learn and You Tube is teaching faster than the major universities.

You Tube can teach you engineering or how to catch your own fart in a glass. It has tips for work at home Moms and live video shots of the Tsunami. You can learn how to get your baby to sleep all night and how to make an Easter Bunny cake (one of the top videos of 2010).

Everyone, and I mean every Mom in America needs a You Tube account. Because as a work at home Mom, you’ve got content. You Tube is your perfect TV channel for your own life. Don’t worry about being perfect. Get going then get good.


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