The Worst Financial Mistake I Ever Made

The worst mistake I ever made was borrowing money from family when my real estate business was in trouble. First of all, when you’re in trouble bringing in the relatives is rarely a good idea. Rely on them for prayers and support and a strong shoulder, but never rely on them for money.

Second, it was my own parents which made it even worse. Unconditional love is rarely unconditional. There are strings attached to everything.

My Dad died with me owing him money. My own Mom sued me. Yes, there were MANY other complications than the money including years of mental illness and horrendous family dynamics. But the money seemed to amplify everything and make everything even worse.

So take my advice, never, EVER, ever, ever in a million years borrow money from family or friends. It changes the relationship forever.

You become needy. And it’s biblical that the debtor becomes the slave to the lender. Proverbs 22:7 says that “the rich rule over the poor and the debtor is servant to the lender”. I suffered in bondage for years. Bondage of my own mind and spirit.

Take my advice even though the pain is excruciating at the time when you need money. Don’t. The pain you’re experiencing today can, and will, get worse.


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