Do You Say Yes Too Often?

I’ve been reading a great little book by Beth Wareham called “The Power of NO: How to Keep Blowhards and Bozos at Bay.” She could’ve called it “How to Say NO and Mean It” but I love her title. Even the cover of the book is designed to be mesmerizing.

It asks a million little questions…Can you pick up my prescription? Would you mind joining our committee? Would you be willing to go on a business trip? Have you seen my blue shirt? Can you sell stuff for the fundraiser? Can you type my paper?

As women, as equate “yes” with love. We equate “yes” with consensus and collaboration. We equate “yes” with keeping the peace. We equate “yes” with service. We equate “yes” with I’m the Mom/Wife/Employee/Church Member/Daughter so I’m supposed to do it. We equate “yes” with love. Oh, I already said that. But it’s the one we most often yield to.

It’s no wonder we’re so tired and cranky.

If you see yourself in any of those yeses above, read the book.

And remember, you can tell me NO you don’t want to.

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