Why I Became An Entrepreneur

I didn’t set out to become an entrepreneur. I didn’t even know what an entrepreneur was or why anyone would want to be one when I literally walked in and fired my boss back in 1993. I had no Plan B, no fallback or safety mechanism.

All I knew was that my life was miserable and I needed some relief. I knew my 3 small kids needed me more than my boss did and I was tired of creating spreadsheets that showed I spent about 10% of my time with my kids and at least 50% with people who’d never even remember my name.

I became an entrepreneur because I didn’t have any other choice. I couldn’t keep up the corporate juggle and survive as a good Mom. No one can. We lie to ourselves and tell ourselves non-sensical stories about why we do what we do. Our “rational” mind becomes the teller of lies, the keeper of secrets. And we believe them.

I became an entrepreneur because my heart told me it was the right thing to do. My heart and my soul wouldn’t allow me to lie to myself anymore. We all make choices with our lives. Every choice has a consequence. I’m glad I chose my kids.


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