When To Be Strong

My 20-year old college student son called this morning, upset. He’s dealing with some big life issues and wanted my advice. He’s never called before for my answers and I could tell from the faltering in his voice that he felt all alone.

Listening to him made tears run down my cheeks. My son was hurting. All I wanted to do was hug him and see if we could bake some chocolate chip cookies. But chocolate chip cookies won’t fix a broken heart.

As a Mother, my sadness was combined with a bit of glee. The fact that even though he’s accomplished, and amazing and strong, that I might have something to offer him. And when I say he’s strong, he just finished a 26-mile marathon (the Bataan Death March in New Mexico) wearing his Army boots and fatigues with a 53 pound ruck sack on his back. So he’s no weenie.

He needed my strength. All of a sudden my trials weren’t important for the day. Supporting my son was.

I can’t fix his problems. I can’t make everything all right like I could when he was 4 and his roller-blades broke. But I can listen. Support him. Pray for him. Being a Mom is an amazing calling in life.

It was time for me to be strong.


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