What is Real Success?

Success is supposedly the achievement of intention: the achievement of something planned or attempted; attainment of fame, wealth or power; something that turns out well.

I’m a writer. I never set out to be a writer.

I never planned to author blogs and books or create my own line of products. It simply happened. Literally. When I left college I breathed a sigh of relief that I’d never take an English Composition class again. When my first employer asked if I could write, I told him I could do memos. Writing terrified me. I was given the newsletter position at my first marketing job and stayed up nights wondering how a non-writer could produce one.

Then I became a Mother and didn’t know one thing to do. I felt incompetent and inadequate and wished we told women the truth instead of “being a Mom is the most amazing thing you’ll ever do.” B.S. It’s the toughest thing you’ll ever do, to be sure.

The reason I started writing for real was that I wanted to tell Mothers the truth about becoming a Mother. I wanted to emphasize to them to relax, that every day is a chance to get it right again and that you can’t possibly know everything you need to know, because you’ve never done it before. So I wrote my first manuscript and promptly put it in a drawer. It’s still there. Baby Basics: 25 Things Every New Mom Must Know was the title.

I once heard Barbra Streisand tell an interviewer that she didn’t particularly like singing. Everyone in the audience gasped! Does that make her a failure, because she’s an amazing singer but never particularly liked being one.

We have to define success for ourselves. We can plan until the end of time, but I believe God has a bigger plan for each of us than we could ever envision for ourselves. We simply have to follow the clues.

Success is doing something well and being pleased that you can do it. Success is feeling satisfied at the end of the day. Success is personal.


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