What I Learned from Cinderella

Cinderella was one of my favorite fairy tales. I learned many things from the diva that I use in my life as an entrepreneur. Some of her lessons were positive, some not.

She worked hard. She got discouraged. She did her best to look beautiful. She tried to please too many people. She left the ball heartbroken. She ended up with the handsome Prince. She hid in the background like a good little girl. She had friends, even though they were mice. She could make a little go a long way.

Most of us aren’t living fairy tale lives, we’re living real lives. Lives where cars break down, marriages ends and babies grow up and leave home. We often let others tell us they know best, even when we know in our heart they do not. We look for kudos from the outside when we should be examining our own intentions and motives.

I still love Cinderella. She reminds me of fairy dust and midnight carriage rides. I love the dream of perfection and the aura of romance. I love it that she did get the man. And I love that she still gives me reason to smile, even though it’s been decades since I became a woman.

What I learned from Cinderella is this…our story begins with “Once upon a time.” We get to decide if that last six words will be…”and she lived happily ever after.”


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