Want To Learn To Tango?

I don’t want to learn to tango. I don’t want to climb Mt. Everest or slide down a zip line through the rainforest. I don’t want to do those big adventure things.

I’m building my own adventure. It’s called Cheryl’s life and it looks like this. I want to grow my brands into household names. I want people to get reinspired, not retired. I want to have enough cash in my bank account to be able to fund annual family trips to the beach and winter ski vacations without fretting. I want to drive a convertible BMW and let the wind whip through my hair.

I want to be available for my children and grandchildren, when they need me. I want to inspire them to try new things, to be open to the changes that happen frequently in life. I want to create something new every day, whether it’s through writing, planting a tulip or moving my furniture around. I want people to see Christ through me.

I want to give smiles to people who don’t have any and hope to women who have lost theirs. I want to matter to my husband and make him proud of me.

So, no, I don’t want to learn to tango. I want to keep learning how to live.

PS. The point of this post got a big convoluted because I got off on one of my inspirational slants…the original point of it was to promote my favorite business book on lifestyle design which is Timothy Ferris’ Four-Hour Work Week.


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