Nice Girls Don’t Get the Corner Office

I hate this philosophy. I hate the fact that most truly believe you have to be a bitch to succeed in business.

I’m not a bitch. If I were I wouldn’t have suffered a collapse of my real estate investments because I let a too-pushy commission scrapping realtor convince me that I needed a certain set of properties.

I wouldn’t have lost $10,000 to a wealthy entrepreneur who I found out later wanted to get in my pants.

I wouldn’t have lost my biggest marketing client ever because I warned a friend in confidence that she was going to be fired (when she exploded on the VP she didn’t do a thing to protect my anonymity)

I wouldn’t have let my own Mother abuse me with her mental illness.

There are so many “I wouldn’t’s”. But I’m glad I’m nice. I trust first, then I become skeptical. I don’t want it the other way around. I don’t want to believe that everybody’s out to get me (because they aren’t). True, some are…but not most.

I still have the corner office. Even if I’m nice.

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