Everyone Has a Battle To Fight

Most of us know that a trip to any Post Office can be physically and mentally grueling. However, there’s one worker named Maria at our local Post Office in Lee’s Summit, MO, who makes the trip worth it with her smile.

She has a sign on her station that reads “Be kind. Everyone is fighting some kind of battle.”

Isn’t it true? We’re all on the battlefield of life. Some of us are winning, some of us are losing. But, regardless of whether we like it or not, we’re all still there.

Some are battling addiction.
Some are battling finances.
Some are battling infertility.
Some are battling health issues.
Some are battling career setbacks.
Some are battling religious beliefs.
Some are battling weight.
Some are battling evil thoughts.
Some are battling hopelessness.

It’s a battle. We all need some strong soldiers in our arsenal. Kindness is a good place to start. Thanks Maria, for the reminder.

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