What You and I Have In Common With A Billionaire

Last Sunday night I was watching 60 Minutes as they interviewed Jerry Jones, owner of the Dallas Cowboys. I caught a glimpse of what he and I (and you) have in common.

Jerry Jones is worth $2 billion dollars. He’s 69 years old and the owner and General Manager of the Dallas Cowboys, world-famous Texas football team. When they asked him about his fame and fortune, he told a simple story of why he’s so passionate about what he does and the luxuries of life he enjoys.

He said “25 years ago I flew into Love Field and gave the car rental attendant my credit card. The attendant ran the card, then took the card and cut it in half. He looked up at me and said ‘You should pay your bills Mr. Jones.'” That moment lives deep in his soul. He had tears in his eyes when he told the story.

From flat broke at 44 to billionaire. The pain of being broke marks us as human beings. Mr. Jones made it his quest to change his destiny, and as you can see from his success story, he made it. But he’s never forgot.

Never give up. Ever.


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