The One Thing To Give Up No Matter What

In our quest for financial comeback, there is little room for frivolous expenditures. This means that anything and everything that’s even remotely considered a luxury has to go. (Diet Coke is considered a necessity to me.)

Yesterday I was doing errands and ran across a dry cleaner’s sign that said “Dresses $10.00.” I was perplexed. Were they selling dresses for $10.00 or were they dry cleaning them for $10.00? The thought that any of us wanting life after debt would spend $10.00 to clean something made me choke.

You can buy a new dress at Goodwill for $4.98. It’s washable. You can buy Dryel at the drug store for under $10 and do several of your own loads. Forget the dry cleaning. I think the dry cleaners have been cleaning up.


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