10 Simple Ways to Prepare the Nest for Fall

Every season brings a new opportunity to decorate and each season brings with it it’s own deliciousness to spread around the nest. Here’s 10 simple ways to bring the autumn coziness to your own home without spending more than $10 bucks.
#1: Change out the candles or plug in an autumn spice air freshener.
#2: Add a quilt to the end of each bed or drape one over the living room recliner.
#3: Grab a couple of cornstalks from the local cornfield (get permission first!) and buy a haybale or two. Add pumpkins and presto, you’ve got a whole display for your front door or porch.
#4: Plant mums.
#5: Buy a gob of gourds (you can get these 2 or 3 for $1.00) and display them in a big bowl on the dining room table.
#6: If you have a big silver coffee urn, bring it out for display. This way it’s ready for fall ciders and hot coffee. You can have a party at a moments notice simply by adding a loaf of fresh baked banana bread and a few friends.
#7: Forget the Halloween decor except for a huge clear jar of candy corn.
#8: Add an old trunk as a coffee table
#9: Light the candles mentioned in #1.
#10: Bake. Nothing warms a home like something fresh from the oven.

Fall is for friends, thanksgiving, snuggles and gratitude. Let your home reflect it’s warmth.


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