The Goal of Every Business

Last weekend I attended a 3-day seminar hosted by the James Smith Company that cost me $49 and earned me a $50 gift card for staying all 3 days. Up $1. We talked about the goal of business, which most people think is to earn a profit. I don’t disagree with that but I loved how the speaker Ryan Smith put it.

The goal of any business is to “produce a product or service that blesses someone’s life in a way that produces a profit for the company.” Imagine if we all felt this way. I’ve always run my business with this unspoken intention, but now I’ve decided to make it my public intention.”

I want my writing to bless other mothers who want to work from home. I want my products to make a difference in someone’s heart. I want my speaking to inspire women to live bigger, to stop hiding, to pursue their best purpose here on earth.

I want my company to matter. Most women do. I never hear men entrepreneurs say “I’m running this company because it’s my passion.” They simply run companies, for profit. Women are better at running companies with heart.

What about you?


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