Will the Money Demons Ever Go Away?

Dennis and I are in the fresh start phase of our financial turnaround. But I’m starting to wonder, are the money demons going to follow me for the rest of my life?

Last week, someone at a Wal-Mart in Auburn, Indiana, used my debit card fraudulently. I live in Lee’s Summit, MO. The fraud department of our bank called me to let me know since the charges came from 2 different states just one hour apart. The bank immediately shut down the card. It took a week to get the new one and I was without a way to get immediate access to my account.

Last weekend, I received a $50 Visa gift card for my upcoming birthday and used it at Subway. It was declined. The money was on it but the system wasn’t working right. The Subway lady nicely gave me the sandwich and said if I didn’t take it, she’d have to throw it away. So much for celebrating.

Then, I wrote a $6.60 check at Macy’s. It was declined even though we had money in the account. I took at item off my purchase and paid with a gift card for the entire amount.

The banking systems are going to become more and more taxed as we become a more and more electronic society. Fraud is already rampantly prevalant. Check systems make mistakes.

But with all this knowledge, it still doesn’t help the fact that my money demons continue to scream at me in different ways. Sometimes I listen, sometimes I don’t. I simply do the right thing and carry on, and that’s all I can do.

Gotta go, I’m off to return the $5.69 to the Subway manager and thank her again for her niceness.

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