What is Your Home Saying About You?

Author Alexandra Stoddard wrote, “when we feel at home we move through our daily lives in tune with our superior spirit. At home we get in touch with our truth. Whenever we feel at home, our soul is nourished with loving energy.”

Do you feel at home?
Is it a place to get in touch with your truth?
Does your home nourish your soul with loving energy?

If not, why not? Perhaps you don’t believe you have a creative bone in your body (I didn’t either until I was 30 years old). Perhaps you’ve let the kids needs or your hubbies demands dictate what your home looks and feels like.

I have a friend Lesia who got divorced a few year’s back. In an effort to cheer her, my girlfriend Janece and I decided to give her living room and kitchen a makeover. We arrived with our 2 husbands in tow (the paint crew), some goodies we’d gathered from our own stashs and willing spirits.

Lesia’s walls were all white. Her husband had never let her put a speck of color on them.

We headed to the paint store. Lesia chose barn red for the kitchen and a nice taupe for the living room and hallways. We patched, painted, reorganized, removed, boxed, rearranged, moved things and laughed alot over the next 12 hours. We hung new light fixtures and decluttered.

I was worried about the barn red. Going from white for the past 23 years to a shocking palette of color sometimes takes time. But not for Lesia.

At the end of the day after we’d downed sodas and pizza, we all stood back. The kitchen and living room was complete, albeit a bit of sorting for Lesia to do herself.

I called Lesia a few weeks later to see how she liked her new rooms. She said she felt at home in her house for the first time in 23 years. She smiles every time she enters the front door. It’s hers. She’s in touch with her soul.


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