What is a Home?

Home is more than a place, you go at the end of the day, more than an address on a tree-lined street. Home is a sanctuary of rest and renewal; the place where you take off your mask for the world and become who you truly are.

Home is a combination of textures and sounds and smells and beautiful embellishments. Home is where family comes together and children grow up. Its a morning cup of coffee over the paper, Sunday breakfast, the sound of the dryer whirring and animals running in and out.

It’s where you make memories, make love and make amends. Its where you make messes, like the make-up strewn over the bathroom counter and the magazines piled to toppling on the end table. Home is a porch light left on after dark and a place where you kiss goodnight.

Home is where it all comes together, even when you feel like things may be falling apart. Home is a magical combination of love and life and work and play. Home is where your heart is safe.

-Cheryl Thompson, Creator, The Beauty of Home


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