My Vagabond Life

What do I know about homes? Plenty.

In the 30 years since my husband Dennis and I married, we’ve lived in 15 different homes. Some were transition homes, some were tiny nest apartments and a few were mega-family homes.

They all had one thing in common…they felt like home and they were ours. We started from scratch and every single place had our signature look.

Lots of color.

Themed bedrooms for the kids.

Unlimited pet hair.

Clutter and organization.

Tons of family photos.

Candles galore.

Blankets for snuggling.

Shimmer and bling.

Eclectic furnishings…some old, some new.

Here’s the rundown:
A 680 square foot college apartment (1 bedroom)
A 950 square feet college duplex (2 bedrooms)
A 1,200 square foot raised ranch starter home (3 bedrooms)
A 2,500 square foot 1 1/2 story (4 bedrooms)
A 3,500 square foot 1 1/2 story (4 bedrooms) on 1.5 acres
A 3,000 square foot 1 1/2 story (5 bedrooms) Georgian Colonial
A 2,400 square foot 2 story saltbox on 3 acres (2 1/2 bedrooms + 2 we added)
A 5,500 square foot 1 1/2 story on 9.3 acres (5 bedrooms)
A 3,000 square foot non-descript 2 story (4 bedrooms)
A 1,400 square foot raised ranch (3 bedrooms)
Our daughter’s basement
Our Mother and Father-in Laws house
Transition duplex while we were building our first home (2 bedrooms)
Our friends’ the Hansens FSBO home while we were building our farmette
Our own rental house (while we were finishing the farmette)

We’ve essentially lived just about everywhere and moved more often than 11.7 times that the average American does in a lifetime. Source: US Census Bureau (Just so you know this doesn’t count my childhood moves which could add another 6 moves to the number above).


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