8 Great Ways to Freshen Up a Room For Summer

Houses tend to get stuffy and cluttered during the winter and few of us ever have time for spring cleaning. So, now’s the time to give your home a new look for summer and relax in the new ambience you can create for yourself in less than 1 hour.

#1. Add a bowl of lemons to virtually any room.
#2. Remove any throw rugs. Throw rugs are essentially for collecting dirt so add a happy mat to the outside of the entry door.
#3. Add seashells for decoration. You don’t have to have a house in the Hampton’s to invite the fresh feel of the sea in.
#4. Display last year’s vacation photos. Nothing brings a smile quicker than watching your 8 year old splash on the beach next to Grandpa.
#5. Change out the throw pillows…it’s amazing what two fuschia colored pillows on the beige couch can do for your psyche.
#6. Light a candle. In the summertime (most of us live in air conditioning), a Pina Colada scented candle can bring in the beach feel in a second.
#7. Remove 3 things from your target room. Most homes are riddled with clutter and this simple step will open up the room.
#8. Paint…if you want to make a drastic change on a little amount of money, paint the room. Even an accent wall (painting 1 wall out of 4) will change the look and feel of the room. You can paint a wall in an hour.


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