Why Blog?

It seems that blogging has become ultra-fashionable. Less than 4 years ago I was attending a Million Dollar Author Conference in Atlanta, GA and a woman sugggested we create a blog for the class to measure our success. Everyone looked at her like she was an alien. A blog? What’s that?

A blog is simple. It’s a web-log. I call it a journal, a resource, a cyberspace connectivity tool. It’s a way to create and put your thoughts on paper. Blogger (www.blogger.com) and WordPress (www.wordpress.com)have made it simple and FREE to create your own blog.

Why have a blog? It enhances your ability to communicate and hones your writing skills. It makes you an expert on SOMEthing, even if it’s how to find the best thrift stores in your city (see my blog called Thrift Store Junkie) or how to apply eye make-up. Every business should have a blog as it creates a following. Good content is critical for creating a strong blog community around your writing.

If you’re too shy or simply too concerned of appearing imperfect on your blog, simply keep it private (there are tools to do this for you) until you gain confidence.

I write 9 separate blogs. They’re on a variety of subjects I know about and I love some of them more than others. I’m not a huge picture fan so I use free stock images off of the net to enhance the look of my blogs. You can also make money off your blog (it’s called monetizing). Blogger and WordPress can even show you how to do it.

Here’s a list of my blogs. Thrift Store Junkie. Maximum Success: Maximum Life. Life After Debt. Lipstick CEO. Small Business Success for Moms. The Art of Loveliness. Encouragement To Go. Random Thoughts from an Extraordinary Woman. Reinspired! Not Retired.

As you can see my ADD brain thrives on this type of writing. Blogs are in, just like Ipods and flat screens. Blogs are here to stay.


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