Finding Money

I thought I’d looked everywhere. I’d scavenged in my purse for pennies and frantically lifted the floormats for lost change. I took things back that still had the tags hanging on them from the closet. I’d literally exhausted my options in finding money.

But there was one place I hadn’t looked. The State Treasurer of Missouri Clint Zweifer’s Unclaimed Property Fund. Somewhere long ago I knew it existed. But I couldn’t believe that me, in need of money, had left money somewhere along the yellow brick road of my adult life.

What’s Unclaimed Property? It’s property that the state holds for safekeeping that’s been abandoned in banks, insurance companies, utility companies and tons of other places that get their hands on your money. Remember when you weren’t a homeowner and had to make a security deposit on your gas bill. Or perhaps you’d opened a bank account and moved quickly, forgetting the $18.36 you’d put in the bank.

That’s Unclaimed Property. And it belongs to YOU.

All you need to do is type unclaimed property and the name of your state in the Google search engine. (Like this: Unclaimed Property State of Missouri) There, you’ll find the state website of your choosing (all 50 states have them).

I typed in Thompson Cheryl. Wallah! 2 claims. I typed in Thompson Dennis. Yahoo! 1 claim. I typed in the name of my former marketing company, Clarion Marketing Group. Oh my gosh! 5 claims.

I can’t tell you yet what the amounts are. The site doesn’t list them. (Some states do). But what I can tell you is that there’s money with my name on it in the State of Missouri’s piggy bank. And I want it back.

You fill out a short form. Make a copy of your driver’s license. Mail it back in and wait. The State of Missouri says their processing time is 90 days. Who cares, I’ve waited years for money I didn’t even know I had.

Can’t wait to cash the checks when they get here. Thanks Clint!


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