Another Setback or Opportunity?

In our insanely intense way to pay off our debts, we made the decision to rent our house for 2 years to a young professional couple. The rent we’re getting misses our payment by $80, but we knew that we’d be around $50,000 ahead at the end of 24 months. So we both agreed to do it.

(Sidenote: Dennis’ parents spend 5-6 months a year on the road in their RV. We could take care of the house. We envisioned by the time they were back, wd’d be moved to our new place. The new place never materialized.)

Another small problem, living as a vagabond isn’t what it’s cracked up to be. I miss my stuff. I miss my privacy. I miss my husband’s handsiness in the privacy of our own space. Dennis had a motorcycle wreck that took 2-3 months of recuperation. We’ve been juggling for a year now. Depending on the week, both of our patience is wearing thin.

Our beautiful daughter and son-in-law took us in. We’ve been able to grandparent our beautiful grandson almost full time. He’s a joy. And so are they. There’s been amazingly little conflict and alot of love. Most of all, our children have shown us the huge gift of unconditional love.

So my question is, has this been a setback or an opportunity? Has this been a time for us to clarify our priorities and sift through our stuff? Did we save money, or did it really cost us?


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