The Goal of Every Business

Last weekend I attended a 3-day seminar hosted by the James Smith Company that cost me $49 and earned me a $50 gift card for staying all 3 days. Up $1. We talked about the goal of business, which most people think is to earn a profit. I don’t disagree with that but I loved how the speaker Ryan Smith put it.

The goal of any business is to “produce a product or service that blesses someone’s life in a way that produces a profit for the company.” Imagine if we all felt this way. I’ve always run my business with this unspoken intention, but now I’ve decided to make it my public intention.”

I want my writing to bless other mothers who want to work from home. I want my products to make a difference in someone’s heart. I want my speaking to inspire women to live bigger, to stop hiding, to pursue their best purpose here on earth.

I want my company to matter. Most women do. I never hear men entrepreneurs say “I’m running this company because it’s my passion.” They simply run companies, for profit. Women are better at running companies with heart.

What about you?


Finding Time for Just Being

Home creates memories. I remember my Grandmother would be sitting in her rocking chair and suddenly she’d jump up and startle us. We’d ask “what’s the matter?” She’d say “nothing, I’ve just got to get that spider web up there out of the corner.”

Duty never sleeps. If you’ve got that get-it-done-at-all-costs, can’t-sleep-til-all-the-to-do’s-are-done, keep-busy-til-you’re-too-exhausted-to-think kind of personalities, then home can become a chore. One that will never, ever get completely done.

Home isn’t meant to be another task to complete. Home is meant to be your sanctuary, your soft place to land at the end of the day. It’s the place to snuggle and renew. It’s the place to be totally and unconditionally yourself. Warts and all.

An Even Better Reason For You To Blog

Want to create your own six-figure income writing about a subject you love. That’s what these 10 women who created the websites listed below did. They started a blog (most are less than 5 years old) and the rest is history. Some have sold their blogs for as much as $10 million dollars. All the blogs are currently operating. Check them out.

CuteOverload (imagine getting rich posting cute pictures to the net)

Every blog utilizes a different money-making strategy. Study them. Study them hard. Some of these women have technical backgrounds…some hadn’t even started their period when they started their blog. Some were technical flat tires but they had a passion. Passion wins every time. Skills can be acquired.

Will the Money Demons Ever Go Away?

Dennis and I are in the fresh start phase of our financial turnaround. But I’m starting to wonder, are the money demons going to follow me for the rest of my life?

Last week, someone at a Wal-Mart in Auburn, Indiana, used my debit card fraudulently. I live in Lee’s Summit, MO. The fraud department of our bank called me to let me know since the charges came from 2 different states just one hour apart. The bank immediately shut down the card. It took a week to get the new one and I was without a way to get immediate access to my account.

Last weekend, I received a $50 Visa gift card for my upcoming birthday and used it at Subway. It was declined. The money was on it but the system wasn’t working right. The Subway lady nicely gave me the sandwich and said if I didn’t take it, she’d have to throw it away. So much for celebrating.

Then, I wrote a $6.60 check at Macy’s. It was declined even though we had money in the account. I took at item off my purchase and paid with a gift card for the entire amount.

The banking systems are going to become more and more taxed as we become a more and more electronic society. Fraud is already rampantly prevalant. Check systems make mistakes.

But with all this knowledge, it still doesn’t help the fact that my money demons continue to scream at me in different ways. Sometimes I listen, sometimes I don’t. I simply do the right thing and carry on, and that’s all I can do.

Gotta go, I’m off to return the $5.69 to the Subway manager and thank her again for her niceness.

What is Your Home Saying About You?

Author Alexandra Stoddard wrote, “when we feel at home we move through our daily lives in tune with our superior spirit. At home we get in touch with our truth. Whenever we feel at home, our soul is nourished with loving energy.”

Do you feel at home?
Is it a place to get in touch with your truth?
Does your home nourish your soul with loving energy?

If not, why not? Perhaps you don’t believe you have a creative bone in your body (I didn’t either until I was 30 years old). Perhaps you’ve let the kids needs or your hubbies demands dictate what your home looks and feels like.

I have a friend Lesia who got divorced a few year’s back. In an effort to cheer her, my girlfriend Janece and I decided to give her living room and kitchen a makeover. We arrived with our 2 husbands in tow (the paint crew), some goodies we’d gathered from our own stashs and willing spirits.

Lesia’s walls were all white. Her husband had never let her put a speck of color on them.

We headed to the paint store. Lesia chose barn red for the kitchen and a nice taupe for the living room and hallways. We patched, painted, reorganized, removed, boxed, rearranged, moved things and laughed alot over the next 12 hours. We hung new light fixtures and decluttered.

I was worried about the barn red. Going from white for the past 23 years to a shocking palette of color sometimes takes time. But not for Lesia.

At the end of the day after we’d downed sodas and pizza, we all stood back. The kitchen and living room was complete, albeit a bit of sorting for Lesia to do herself.

I called Lesia a few weeks later to see how she liked her new rooms. She said she felt at home in her house for the first time in 23 years. She smiles every time she enters the front door. It’s hers. She’s in touch with her soul.

My Vagabond Life

What do I know about homes? Plenty.

In the 30 years since my husband Dennis and I married, we’ve lived in 15 different homes. Some were transition homes, some were tiny nest apartments and a few were mega-family homes.

They all had one thing in common…they felt like home and they were ours. We started from scratch and every single place had our signature look.

Lots of color.

Themed bedrooms for the kids.

Unlimited pet hair.

Clutter and organization.

Tons of family photos.

Candles galore.

Blankets for snuggling.

Shimmer and bling.

Eclectic furnishings…some old, some new.

Here’s the rundown:
A 680 square foot college apartment (1 bedroom)
A 950 square feet college duplex (2 bedrooms)
A 1,200 square foot raised ranch starter home (3 bedrooms)
A 2,500 square foot 1 1/2 story (4 bedrooms)
A 3,500 square foot 1 1/2 story (4 bedrooms) on 1.5 acres
A 3,000 square foot 1 1/2 story (5 bedrooms) Georgian Colonial
A 2,400 square foot 2 story saltbox on 3 acres (2 1/2 bedrooms + 2 we added)
A 5,500 square foot 1 1/2 story on 9.3 acres (5 bedrooms)
A 3,000 square foot non-descript 2 story (4 bedrooms)
A 1,400 square foot raised ranch (3 bedrooms)
Our daughter’s basement
Our Mother and Father-in Laws house
Transition duplex while we were building our first home (2 bedrooms)
Our friends’ the Hansens FSBO home while we were building our farmette
Our own rental house (while we were finishing the farmette)

We’ve essentially lived just about everywhere and moved more often than 11.7 times that the average American does in a lifetime. Source: US Census Bureau (Just so you know this doesn’t count my childhood moves which could add another 6 moves to the number above).

8 Great Ways to Freshen Up a Room For Summer

Houses tend to get stuffy and cluttered during the winter and few of us ever have time for spring cleaning. So, now’s the time to give your home a new look for summer and relax in the new ambience you can create for yourself in less than 1 hour.

#1. Add a bowl of lemons to virtually any room.
#2. Remove any throw rugs. Throw rugs are essentially for collecting dirt so add a happy mat to the outside of the entry door.
#3. Add seashells for decoration. You don’t have to have a house in the Hampton’s to invite the fresh feel of the sea in.
#4. Display last year’s vacation photos. Nothing brings a smile quicker than watching your 8 year old splash on the beach next to Grandpa.
#5. Change out the throw pillows…it’s amazing what two fuschia colored pillows on the beige couch can do for your psyche.
#6. Light a candle. In the summertime (most of us live in air conditioning), a Pina Colada scented candle can bring in the beach feel in a second.
#7. Remove 3 things from your target room. Most homes are riddled with clutter and this simple step will open up the room.
#8. Paint…if you want to make a drastic change on a little amount of money, paint the room. Even an accent wall (painting 1 wall out of 4) will change the look and feel of the room. You can paint a wall in an hour.