Why Write When You Can Email?

Why should you take the time to send a handwritten note when you can simply shoot over an email? Why should you spend $5, 20 minutes and a part of your life when technology has now made it so easy to connect?

Because emails don’t mean anything. Everyone gets them. They’re impersonal.

A handwritten note or greeting card means everything. It means you took a slice of your life and sat down specficially with the recipient in mind. You pondered, you wrote, you licked an envelope and then you ponied up 44 cents to mail it. You invested a part of yourself. You gave a part of your heart.

I say e-nough! A handwritten note allows you to unplug, uncomplicate and reflect. What I see from my writer’s perspective is a bunch of lonely people who’d like to connect so they’re pretending to use the internet to do it. Lady Gaga has over 8 million Twitter followers, but who does she call when her heart is broken or when she’s overwhelmed with life?

Who do you call when you need a word of encouragement or when you’ve had a ridiculous day and want to chronicle it with a girlfriend? Probably not your Facebook followers.

I classify true friends as the people who would show up on one of these two occasions? #1: When the moving van has pulled into the driveway, or #2: when the dirt’s being thrown in on the casket of someone you love. That’s a true friend.

Who are these people in your life? Now’s the time to send a handwritten gift of yourelf.