Multi-tasking Mania

When my children were 2, 4 and 7, I started my business. I worked out of my basement bedroom and pretended to be official. In all actuality, I was official except I didn’t understand how life could be this amazing and be real. I had zero guilt and infinite time to be a wife, Mother and a business-owner.

I got to be with my kids. I got to go to the swimming pool. I got to write proposals for huge companies and get paid simply by mailing them an invoice. No one told me when to come and go. I answered my voicemail when I wanted to. I listened to kids whine and bicker incessantly. I planted tulips. I provided treats for the school room mothers.

I was the consummate multi-tasker. Still am. Except now I’m juggling different things than I was when my kids were small. Multi-tasking is thought of as a badge of honor for a Mom. I can bake the cookies, bounce the kids, bring home the bacon and send an email all at the same time. It’s nice to be that talented.

It’s also exhausting. Multi-tasking is overrated. Talking on the phone while picking up the blocks while watching for the end of day school bus while deciding what to have for dinner can make you crazy. I know. I did it.

Slow down. Do fewer things well. Give yourself permission to focus.
My motto: Do less, be more.


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