What Children Really Need From Grandma?

Yesterday, I wrote about the joy of being a grandma. This is one of my Encouragement To Go collection prints that I thought says it well.

What Children Really Need From Grandma?

They don’t need more technology…they need to talk.
They don’t need to get cleaned up…they need to get messy.
They don’t need a lecture…they need a listener.
They don’t need a 3-course meal…vanilla ice cream on a cake cone will do.
They don’t need structured play…they need to hop, skip and jump.
They don’t need to go to a movie…they need to make their own.
They don’t need you to buy them a toy…they need you to make chocolate chip cookies with them.
They don’t need your money…they need your time.
They don’t need your fears…they need your faith in them.
They don’t need a hand-out, they need you to take their hand.
They don’t need a critic, they need a cheerleader.
And most of all, they don’t need thing to always be lovely, they simply need you and your love.

If you wish to purchase the print, simply go to the Encouragement To Go link.


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