The Most Important Thing To Remember

“You are not your money. You are a living, breathing human being with infinite potential and unlimited greatness. Do not gauge your worth by your bank account or your yearly income. Who you are is not what you earn…it is what and who you become. How you treat people. How you use your talents and gifts. The kindness you exude to others. The way you make people feel when they walk into a room.

Money is man’s measurement of success, it is not success. It is simply an exchange of energy and goods. Peace and contentment can never be found in a dollar bill or a coin of metal, these jewels can only be found in the depths of your own heart and soul.”
Copyright 2011, Cheryl Thompson, Encouragement To Go

Prints will soon be available for “You Are Not Your Money” from the EncouragementToGo collection. Check back soon.


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