Is Criticism Constructive?

F. Scott Fitzgerald said “whenever you feel like criticizing anyone…just remember that all the people in the world haven’t had all the advantages that you’ve had.”

My question is: is criticism every constructive?

Criticism is as much a tone of communication as it is a statement of communication. The next time you’re ready to criticize, simply ask yourself how you can help this person.

A perfect example of this “tone” is Simon Cowell, former judge of American Idol. He his behind his constructive criticism label. He liked being the bad guy. He liked hurting people’s feelings in hopes of making them better. But did it really make them better? Or did it make the majority of them hide?

Whenever I hear people heard the term ‘constructive criticism’ it’s to protect themselves. Modeling is constructive. Helping is constructive. Support is constructive, but criticism is not.

We criticize our children and make them cynical.
We criticize our husbands and make them annoyed.
We criticize our parents and put a wedge in our relationship.

Criticism isn’t constructive and it’s often downright hurtful.


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