What’s Lovely About You?

Loveliness is an essense. An aura of beauty and confidence and strength all swirled together like Grandma’s yummy chocolate cake. Loveliness is internal.

What’s lovely about you?

Here’s a short list of the lovely things about me:

My smile
My demeanor
The way I greet strangers
My confidence
My exuberance and joy
My clothes
My nails (even though I pay for them, they’re lovely)
My wedding ring
My hair
My shining eyes
The way I treat people

Sound stuck up? Maybe. But I don’t think so. I think there’s something so amazingly lovely about knowing what’s good about you. In not being mired down in all the inadequacies and shortcomings and being able to focus on the good stuff.

When you do that, you create an aura of confidence that’s hard to find anywhere else on the planet.

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