The Most Important Part of Any Ad

I spent 20+ years in the field of marketing and advertising and I still can’t believe how many big name advertisers get this one wrong. The most important part of any ad is THE HEADLINE. It’s the ‘ad for the ad’. It’s the 1-2 seconds that your brain takes to say to itself “is this interesting to me.”

Good headlines aren’t hard. Questions make great headlines.

How To Learn to Play The Piano in 60 Minutes a Week (product = Information how to learn to play the piano)

Why Blondes Have More Fun (product = Hair Color)

The #1 Most Important Principal of Marriage: Can Yours Stand the Test (product = On line dating)

See? Now take your product and write a few. Practice. Test what works. Then tweak it.

PS. Can you believe they used to advertise feeding cola to babies?


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