The Phone: My Monster!

During our frenetic financial catastrophes, I became like a flamingo and buried my head in the sand. If the phone rang, I didn’t answer it. I let it go straight to voicemail. Then, I’d go weeks before I’d listen to the voicemails and this was only on my VERY strong days.

I hid behind the phone. I hurt my friendships because I didn’t even take “friendly”calls (well, maybe from 1 or 2 of my closest friends.) I became a hermit. I lived in my own head. I hid big time. I became a burden to my family. I convinced myself I had a phone phobia, but what I really had was a huge disappointment in myself and my inability to fix my big financial problems.

Looking back, talking to people would’ve been the right thing. Some of my creditors even commisserated with me when I finally started talking. They offered me terms. They offered me reductions in my total bill. They offered me prayer. Don’t be afraid of the phone. Be afraid of the monster that’s lurking in your own head.

The sooner you face the monster, the smaller and less powerful he gets.


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