What’s An Encore Career?

An encore is a demand for a repetition of a performance. You typically think of an encore in a play or performance…you want more!

An encore career is a new buzz word for “work with meaning.” You’ve finished your work from the first half of your life and still have time on your hands. Puttering seems purposeless. Travel gets old. It’s time to find an encore career. And an encore career can be for profit or non profit. That is, with pay or without.

The first question you need to ask yourself for an encore career is “what do I love?” What would I do for free if I could? The second question you need to ask yourself is “do I need more money?”

These are the two base questions for selecting an encore career.

I met a lady yesterday at the nail salon. She told the nail lady she was retired. Then, as we talked I found out that her encore career is rescuing and fostering Bishon Frise dogs (5 of them)who’ve been abandoned. One has epilepsy. Most weren’t potty trained well in the former homes. She has a non-profit encore career and she absolutely LOVES it! Her only complaint was that it’s hard to find babysitters. (Every career has its challenges.)

What do you love?
What is your current financial situation, i.e. can you afford to work for free?


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