What Makes a House a Home?

We’re currently in a 9-month long search for our next residence as we hunker down in our daughter and son-in-laws basement. We’ve considered condos, barn renovations, apartments, bungalows, farmhouses and 10-unit 100 year old brick apartment complexes (one that would need hundreds of thousands of dollars of renovation). Every day I watch the For Sale signs. I call realtors and spend hours on the internet searching. I drive 30 mile radiuses in each direction looking for the perfect homestead.
We’re in a new phase of life called the Empty Nest. But we Moms all know that the nest is never empty if you do it right, so we’re trying to prepare for college summers home, grandbaby sleepovers, interim moves of growing families and guest overnights. In my mind we don’t need much room, but in my heart we need a whole bunch.
Loveliness comes from creating. The 49-year old Cheryl is nothing like the 22-year old Cheryl. Everything had to be new and sparkly. Now I love a little patina on my copper pots and blankets that have been washed more than a dozen times. I like teacups with saucers and couches that are comfortable. I enjoy relaxing more than running around.
So the next home has more than a few prerequisities but my main ones are these. It has to be old. It has to need some love (TLC). And it has to have a bit of room to create and grow. That’s it. Because I know what really makes a house a home are the hearts that reside there.


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