Sometimes You Don’t Even Know What You’re Missing

Before I fired my boss, the thought of being home 24 hours a day with my kids scared me to death. As I was considering my options for dealing with the chaos in my life (aka quitting my job), that was one of the thoughts that kept entering my mind. Looking back 17 years later, I cringe at the thought of what I almost missed.

These are the things I remember…being home to meet the school bus…making PB&J’s by the dozen…going to the swimming pool…jumping on the trampoline with all 3 of my kids and a whole lot of other precious memories. I also remember breaking up a bazillion fights, cleaning orange nail polish off the carpet and doing mountains of never ending laundry.

I’ll never forget the day my 13 year old daughter Kelsey came home and burst into tears. As I stood there holding her in my arms trying to figture out what was wrong, all I could think was what if I hadn’t been here? What if she hadn’t had anyone that cared to talk to. Then there was the time I caught the same daughter driving with people in the car (that one was strictly outlawed by her Dad and I). I was driving one way down the street and she was driving in the opposite direction. She was innocently enough giving 2 friends a ride home…but the point is she disobeyed and I caught her red-handed in the act. What if I’d arrived home hours later? Would I ever have known.

My point is…no matter what your kids ages are…from newborn to high school senior, they need you. There’s no such thing as quality time. There’s simply T-I-M-E and they need yours. I wasted 7 years doing the wrong thing before I did the right thing so I feel fully justified and qualified to be speaking to your pain.


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