When Terror Overtakes You

Every woman has been terrorized at some point in her business life. Whether you’ve received a notice of a lawsuit, don’t have enough cash to make your payroll or are stuck in your tracks wordless about an upcoming presentation, fear is natural. Fear is good.

You say good? Yes, good. Because fear used in the right way can fuel you to success. Fear creates energy. Fear creates adrenalin. And adrenalin can be used to create SUCCESS. There’s an old quote that says “Courage is not the absence of fear, it’s being scared and doing it anyway.”

I remember writing my first really big presentation for a Fortune 500 company. I had absolutely no idea what I was doing and generally felt like a big imposter that might be discovered.

I felt like somebody might surround me in the conference room with guns and say “come out with your hands up”…”who do you think you are Miss Fancy Pants presenting to this Board of Directors with a $127,000 proposal?” “What could you possibly know about doing hundreds of seminars?” (The presentation was for an insurance company who was introducing a new health maintenance organization aka HMO to thousands of senior citizens).

I wrote the presentation and designed the proposal over a period of 9 days, all while bouncing two toddlers on my knees. I presented it all by my little ole’ self. I waited. And waited. And finally I got the call that they were issuing the deposit check and I could pick up the signed contract. Over a period of 6 years that one client was worth hundreds of thousands of dollars in consulting to my company.

The fear fueled me. Was it necessary? I don’t know. What I do know was that fear kept me on my toes. Fear kept me in the game. Fear kept me fighting for something I really wanted. So on days when the fear overtakes you, just go with it.


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