The Trepidation of New Beginnings

Dennis and I are at a new phase of life. Our financial catastrophes have moved us to the point where we are now looking at renting for the first time in 27 years. It is humbling and exciting, thrilling and haunting. I’m faced with rental application questions like “previous landlord” (um, not for almost 3 decades) and “have you ever been evicted?” (um, fortunately, no). It’s also a time of simplification and exhilaration, logistics and soul searching.

As we tour prospective apartment communities, we’re touring fitness centers and being shown racquetball courts. (Aren’t these for the 21 year olds?) I’m dropping deal breakers on Dennis like a wrecking ball…”I will not live on somebody else’s dirty carpet” and “I will not live in the Truman.” What’s a Truman you ask? It’s a floor plan at The Mansion Apartments. Funny, I thought I’d be living in my own mansion at 50, not renting an apartment at one.

Fresh start time. The only problem will be paring down my 10 x 30 storage unit and posting the rest of my life’s stuff to Craig’s List. I’ve decided to quit some of the soul searching and just go with it.

Funny, I may even like this simpler life. I’ll keep you posted.


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